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10 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Separation Anxiety

Statistically, the most typical canine conduct issues are the primary cause why many homeowners surrender on their canine. Understanding what sort of behavioral points to anticipate out of your pet, how to forestall and repair them will allow you to develop a greater relationship with the pup, so this is what you need to find out about them.

Although some canines are simpler to practice than others, and a few might not even require coaching for sure canine conduct issues, most will want particular consideration when it comes to stopping behavioral points.

1. Inappropriate Elimination

Your pup urinating and defecating outdoors of the designated space could be very irritating. Typically, this conduct could be brought on by an underlying well being situation, and in senior canine in notably incontinence is widespread, so if this occurs typically you might want to take your canine to the vet first to rule out any well being issues.

If a medical purpose shouldn’t be behind this conduct, then inappropriate elimination is probably going to be brought on by territorial marking, nervousness, consideration in search of or just by the shortage of correct burglary. It is one of the widespread canine conduct issues seen in puppies and must be simply corrected with correct burglary methods.

How to Keep away from or Fix It:

After adopting a youthful canine, timing shall be essential. Practice your pooch on time and instantly to forestall this conduct. In case your canine has already been housebroken and nonetheless does this, then you definitely want to handle the explanations behind it.

Merely start with retraining the canine and typically that’ll be sufficient. Different occasions you should undergo in depth conduct modification and even make use of the assistance of a canine behaviorist to handle this drawback at its core. Your vet also can prescribe treatment if retraining doesn’t work, often within the type of antidepressants.

Separation Anxiety

2. Separation Nervousness

Separation nervousness is probably the most well-known of canine conduct issues that manifests in a type of damaging chewing, vocalization, inappropriate elimination and different associated, comparable damaging behaviors. In some instances, the canine might even attempt to escape the house.

Separation nervousness happens when a canine is separated from the proprietor. Your pup will develop into anxious when he notices that you simply’re getting ready to depart and can interact in damaging conduct inside the first 15 to 45 minutes after he’s left alone.

How to Keep away from or Fix It:

Basic canine coaching might help with separation nervousness. For instance, crate coaching your canine can train your pooch not to be too hooked up to you and even when he has an episode he can be protected in his crate. Ignore your canine when he seeks consideration when you’re about to depart, and don’t make an enormous deal about leaving him house – act regular.

Train and conditioning are good methods to cope with separation nervousness, whereas dietary supplements and a few nervousness aids can present further aid if coaching alone doesn’t repair this. Getting your Fido used to a every day routine could make him really feel safe and secure. Different merchandise that may assist with nervousness are nervousness vests and nervousness toys.

Excessive instances might require critical conduct modification, by which case it might be needed to rent knowledgeable canine behaviorist. This coaching ebook by well-known canine behaviorist Patricia McConnell, PhD will present helpful perception into this and different associated canine conduct issues with very efficient options.

three. Barking

Barking is the first technique of communication for canine and every bark has a sure which means. In that respect, barking is pure and regular in your pup; nevertheless, barking can turn into an issue whether it is extreme or uncalled for, and a nuisance each for the proprietor and the neighbors.

Canine which have this drawback bark for quite a few numerous causes. There’s territorial barking, alarm barking, compulsive barking and extra. Some canine bark to get consideration or out of frustration or boredom. Barking can also be a standard signal of separation nervousness.

How to Keep away from or Fix It:

It’s almost unimaginable to cope with this drawback in the event you don’t know the rationale why your canine is barking. You have to know the rationale for nuisance barking first to repair it. Then as soon as you identify why your pooch barks, you possibly can extra successfully tackle this situation. Normally, there are additionally a number of issues you are able to do to cope with barking associated canine conduct issues whatever the causes behind it:

  • Quiet command. Train your canine the “Quiet” command and to do that, you first have to train your pup to bark on command. You need to use “Speak” or “Talk” instructions for it and as soon as your canine learns this, proceed to practice him to cease the barking on cue.
  • Your power. Don’t yell at your pooch when he barks, as a result of will probably be counterproductive. As an alternative, speak softly and calmly to attempt to get him to settle down.
  • Train. If a canine is drained, he gained’t have the power to bark on a regular basis. Take him for a stroll or a run, or play extra with him till he’s drained.
  • No encouragement. Pet house owners might by accident encourage their canine to bark at some issues. Should you don’t need the canine barking, you want to concentrate on what you inform him to bark at, and keep in step with these instructions, or he’ll get confused.
  • Cease shortly. Don’t let the barking go on for a very long time. The longer you let this and different canine conduct issues to go on, the more durable it is going to be to cope with it later.
  • Seek the advice of. Take your canine to the vet to be sure that his barking isn’t brought on by a medical situation or ache which he is making an attempt to categorical. Subsequent, you may as well seek the advice of with knowledgeable coach or behaviorist to see any points that you could be be lacking.


four. Begging

Begging is just not as irritating of an issue as separation nervousness or barking for majority of pet house owners as a result of all of us love these pet eyes. Nevertheless, that is nonetheless one of many extra critical canine conduct issues that have to be addressed, or it is going to lead to weight problems, digestive and abdomen issues or different canine conduct issues due to your encouragement.

How to Keep away from or Fix It:

By no means give your pet food when he begs. Merely ignore him and he’ll ultimately surrender on this conduct, realizing that begging conduct doesn’t end in treats. In the event you can’t resist your pet’s begging conduct or discover it too onerous to say no, command your pup to go to his “Place” earlier than you get to your meal so he can’t stare at you. It is perhaps needed to confine him to one other room. Reward your canine with a deal with after you end your meal, if he behaves nicely.

5. Chewing

Though chewing is a traditional conduct for canine, it may possibly additionally grow to be problematic if it leads to destruction of your furnishings and belongings. Puppies will typically chew due to teething or curiosity, whereas grownup canine chew on issues when they’re bored, have extra power or really feel anxious and stressed. Medical issues also can lead to chewing, particularly pica that causes them to eat inedible issues, together with poop.

How to Keep away from or Fix It:

The easiest way to cope with damaging chewing is to not discourage chewing altogether however to encourage your pooch to chew on the appropriate issues as an alternative of the flawed ones. Present loads of canine toys he can chew on; if it is a pet, there are good teething toys to use.

When you’re engaged on fixing the damaging chewing drawback, maintain your private stuff away from the canine and maintain him confined or crated if you find yourself not residence. This must be a short lived technique whereas addressing the difficulty. As soon as once more, train also can assist since it’s going to put on off your canine’s power and deter him from chewing.

Resource Guarding

6. Useful resource Guarding

Useful resource guarding or possessive aggression is one other one of many canine conduct issues that consists of growling, barking and in any other case threatening or aggressive conduct that canine exhibit towards different canine or people when they need to shield “their stuff”, similar to meals or toys. Though useful resource guarding is taken into account regular for many canines, if the canine is just too aggressive it is going to possible to turn out to be a significant issue and be harmful.

How to Keep away from or Fix It:

Train your canine “Drop” or “Give” command. Begin with boring issues and objects that he isn’t keen on and reward him with a deal with when he listens. Then, progressively transfer towards utilizing these instructions with issues that he cares about, like his toys or meals.

Don’t chase your canine. He’ll take it as an indication of play and you’ll solely reinforce this canine conduct issues. Don’t yell or punish your canine for useful resource guarding. Canine that show possessive aggression can chew in the event that they really feel threatened.

In case you have a number of canine and one is guarding his assets, notably meals, feed the 2 canine individually and check out to train your canine to share his meals and toys with others.

7. Digging

Digging is an intuition that each one canine have however some breeds are extra susceptible to it, particularly these used for searching. Canine dig for a lot of causes: as well as to their searching intuition, it might be primarily out of boredom, nervousness, worry and due to extra power. Some canine dig to cover their toys or bones, or to cool off in a gap. Though canine’s digging is sort of regular among the many remainder of canine conduct issues, it will probably nonetheless be irritating for house owners since it could destroy their gardens or yards.

How to Keep away from or Fix It:

It is vital to uncover the rationale why a canine is digging round so as to tackle this challenge. Work in your canine’s coaching and supply extra train for him to tire him out. Present shade within the yard and play with him typically to keep away from boredom and scale back stress.

Should you can’t get your canine to cease digging, set up a sandbox in your yard and let your pup dig there. You’ll be able to both train your canine to solely dig within the sandbox, educating him it is his protected place, or put a fence to forestall him from digging elsewhere.

Pulling on the Leash

eight. Pulling on the Leash

Strolling a canine whereas he pulls on the leash is a nightmare in case your canine giant and powerful, however the pup isn’t doing that to make you depressing. Canine pull on a leash as a result of they’ve a naturally quicker tempo than people, as a result of they get distracted by exterior stimuli and since they don’t seem to be educated to stroll beside you. This is among the extra widespread canine conduct issues that always is left unaddressed, however that is a mistake.

How to Keep away from or Fix It:

Coaching your canine to stroll calmly beside you takes time and plenty of rewards. When you’re engaged on leash pulling coaching, all the time carry a deal with with you and reward your pooch sometimes when he walks beside you rather than pulling.

By no means let the canine pull. If he does it and you are feeling the leash go tight, cease strolling and are available to an entire standstill. Your pooch will cease as properly to see why you stopped. Name him to come to you. It might take some time, however your canine will ultimately perceive that pulling on the leash outcomes on this annoying stopping.

Lastly, you will get a front-clip harness, also referred to as no-pull canine harness. This harness offers you higher management on walks and in addition forestall the canine from hurting himself.

9. Leaping Up

Despite the fact that most canine leap up to greet individuals, some do it to exert dominance. Regardless of the purpose could also be, some house owners don’t thoughts these canine conduct issues that look cute, however the fact is that this is a matter that have to be addressed as it may be harmful and in addition foster different associated behavioral issues.

How to Keep away from and Fix It:

One of the simplest ways to cease the leaping conduct is to ignore your canine when he does it. Don’t acknowledge him till he places his entrance paws on the bottom. Grabbing his paws or pushing him away may work for some canine, nevertheless it often sends the improper message since your canine is getting the eye he was in search of and it appears like play. Educating your pooch the “Sit” command can also be a great way to cease him from leaping up.


10. Aggression

Aggression, which in some instances also can lead to biting, probably the most harmful of those canine conduct issues. Though any canine can develop into aggressive, those that have canine with abusive histories and people bred from canine which have aggressive tendencies have a higher probability of exhibiting aggressive conduct in the direction of different canine or individuals.

Aggression has been studied extensively in canines, and it is a complicated challenge. Aggressive canine will behave in such a fashion to assert dominance or to shield their property. They may also be aggressive due to predatory intuition, worry or ache. Typical indicators of aggression embrace snarling, displaying tooth, rising, lunging and biting.

How to Keep away from or Fix It:

In case your canine doesn’t have a historical past of aggressive conduct, it might be due to a medical problem. Take your pooch to the vet first to decide the reason for his aggression. If a medical drawback just isn’t the rationale for aggression, contemplate getting an opinion and assist from knowledgeable canine behaviorist. In contrast to with different canine conduct issues, this one is extra harmful for an inexperience proprietor to tackle and it is best to use knowledgeable.

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