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9 Most Common Dog Health Issues (How to Prevent and Treat Them)

Skin Issues in Dogs

Veterinary drugs has made plenty of progress in predicting future well being issues in canine, and veterinarians (and house owners) at the moment are rather more efficient at treating them. As a pet proprietor, understanding what the most typical canine well being points are may also help you keep away from them, acknowledge them early and deal with them in your pooch successfully.

Many canine breeds are genetically predisposed to sure well being issues, similar to greater probability of arthritis or hip dysplasia, and house owners of these breeds must be prepared prematurely. Nevertheless, some canine well being points are statistically extra widespread amongst all breeds and scientific literature exhibits that the under 9 canine well being issues are what majority of pet house owners will doubtless have to deal ultimately.

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Skin Issues in Dogs

1. Pores and skin Issues

Pores and skin issues in canine are in all probability the most typical well being drawback canine house owners face, which isn’t shocking since there are over 160 totally different pores and skin issues canine can endure from. The standard signs of pores and skin issues on canine embrace scratching, chewing and licking of the pores and skin, in addition to visible indicators. The pores and skin might seem infected, purple, flaky, scaly. Something uncommon in the best way your canine’s pores and skin seems to be and any abnormalities, is usually a signal of a pores and skin illness.

Pores and skin issues in canine could be brought on by many various issues however statistically they’re extra probably to be brought on by allergic reactions and parasites. Meals and airborne allergic reactions, and parasites like mites and fleas are probably the most typical culprits. Bacterial and yeast infections can even lead to number of canine pores and skin issues.

How to Keep away from It:

Utilizing a high-quality vet advisable canine shampoo might help your canine keep away from pores and skin issues within the first place. Common hygiene and grooming will certainly assist as properly. Including omega-Three fatty acids within the type of dietary supplements or totally different food regimen (oily fish) is sweet for canine’s pores and skin and coat well being and look.

How to Repair It:

Treating pores and skin drawback on canine itself is often executed with topical lotions, ointments and oral medicine. Due to there being over 160 totally different pores and skin circumstances, their severity and remedy plans range drastically. Nevertheless, additionally it is essential to all the time deal with the underlying trigger. Take your canine to the vet to get the appropriate analysis and remedy plan.

Ear Infections in Dogs

2. Ear Infections

Whereas many pet house owners might not assume so at first, ear infections are second commonest canine well being points that may typically be noticed when pets scratch their ears or shake their heads. Different typical signs embrace ear discharge or particles. Ear infections in canine are often itchy and typically painful for the pet. They are often brought on by micro organism, yeast, allergic reactions or parasites. Some ear infections are merely brought on by moisture within the canine’s ear canal due to swimming, bathing or grooming.

How to Keep away from It:

Examine your canine’s ears typically to spot any issues early and clear your canine’s ears recurrently. If you bathe your pooch or take him swimming, ensure to dry his ears correctly to keep away from moisture build-up (and don’t spray water instantly into canine’s ears). If you recognize that your canine has allergic reactions, hold him away from allergens.

How to Repair It:

Treating ear infections on canine often begins with an in depth ear cleansing. As a result of usually this isn’t an enormous deal, you are able to do this your self with a cotton ball and a cleansing answer (see this information). Keep away from utilizing Q-Tip swabs since they typically push any particles additional in. Don’t use alcohol options since they will irritate the infected pores and skin. An alternative choice is to let your vet do that. After cleansing, the underlying trigger (if any) additionally wants to be addressed with a correct remedy.

Internal Parasites in Dogs

Three. Inner Parasites

Parasites are throughout your canine. There are inner parasites, like intestinal worms and heartworms, in addition to exterior parasites like ticks and fleas. There are lots of varieties of inner parasites – hookworms, roundworms, heartworms, tapeworms and whipworms. The severity of this drawback varies however it’s necessary to cope with it as quickly as potential.

Inner parasites are probably the most widespread canine well being points that may be particularly harmful for puppies. For instance, hookworms can lead to anemia and roundworms may cause poor progress and improvement. The most typical signs of worms in canine embrace coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, weight reduction, pores and skin modifications and presence of worms in fecal matter or fur.

How to Keep away from It:

All pet house owners should use a canine dewormer first and foremost. Then, hold your canine’s dwelling space clear. Take away your canine’s feces every day out of your yard or sandbox and wash the canine’s bedding as soon as every week. In case your canine has a kennel or a crate the place he spends his time, clear it repeatedly as properly. Maintain your house and yard clear and cope with any mice or rats infestation promptly. Snails and slugs also can infect your pooch with inner parasites, so maintain them at bay.

How to Repair It:

The remedy will depend upon the kind of worms however it is going to all the time include treatment. The power of that treatment will depend upon what situation your pet is in. For those who failed to forestall worms, undoubtedly take your canine to the vet to get the right remedy. There are additionally house cures you should use to velocity up the deworming course of however these ought to solely be used alongside anything your veterinarian recommends.

External Parasites in Dogs

four. Exterior Parasites

Probably the most notorious exterior parasites that canine have are fleas and ticks, however several types of mites like ear mites and mange mites are additionally widespread. These parasites could also be associated to many different widespread canine well being points talked about right here. Some parasites like ticks are clearly seen however you also needs to concentrate to signs like scratching, licking or biting of the pores and skin or coat.

How to Keep away from It:

In case your canine spends a number of time outside, avoiding ticks and fleas is principally inconceivable. Utilizing preventive merchandise is an effective method to reduce the danger however you need to seek the advice of your vet earlier than you employ them since there are lots of totally different choices out there and not all of them could be appropriate in your canine or the setting you are in.

All the time maintain your yard clear and tidy and your garden and bushes trimmed. Maintain your canine inside a lot of the day in the course of the tick season (it begins in Summer time, however grownup ticks are notably lively in September). Do not forget that even in chilly winter months, canine can nonetheless get ticks and fleas. Verify your canine’s fur typically for indicators of exterior parasites so you possibly can cope with them promptly if they seem and forestall different canine well being points.

How to Repair It:

Due to an enormous number of exterior parasites, their remedy varies tremendously and it is essential to talk about this together with your vet. Most generally, when your canine has exterior parasites, there are numerous over-the-counter spot-on drugs and topical lotions you need to use. It’s also possible to use oral treatment. Use medicated canine shampoos that include antibacterial components to kill ticks on contact.

Stomach Problems (Gastrointestinal Disorders) in Dogs

5. Abdomen Issues (Gastrointestinal Issues)

Gastrointestinal (GI) issues have an effect on a canine’s abdomen and intestines and trigger ache and different issues, and it is simply one of the widespread canine well being points that each one pet house owners will instantly discover. A number of the typical signs of abdomen issues and GI issues in canine embrace diarrhea or constipation, vomiting, flatulence, regurgitation and weak spot. Diarrhea and vomiting can shortly lead to dehydration and you have to react quick and take your canine to the vet to decide the trigger.

How to Keep away from It:

One of the simplest ways to guarantee your canine has a great digestive well being is a well-balanced food plan and species applicable vitamin. This implies selecting both prime canine meals that you simply purchase within the retailer or cooking your personal selfmade pet food meals that include all of the vitamins your pooch wants. That features proteins, carbs, fibers, nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Keep away from impulse feeding your canine human meals (desk scraps). You need to use probiotics to improve the variety of good micro organism in your canine’s intestine which helps the canine’s abdomen course of meals higher and extra effectively.

How to Repair It:

Since there are various potential GI issues your canine can endure from (and totally different causes of it), it is rather necessary to get the proper analysis first and then begin the remedy. Quite a few different canine well being points could also be brought on by GI issues or abdomen associated issues due to improper nutrient absorption. Food plan modifications are virtually all the time essential, resembling switching to meals for GI issues that may irritate your canine’s abdomen much less, and use of oral medicine prescribed by your vet or sure dietary supplements can also assist.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in Dogs

6. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

One other widespread canine well being points that are not shortly observed by pet house owners are urinary tract infections. They are often brought on by parasites, micro organism or fungi within the urinary tract and sometimes by weight loss plan. UTI in canine typically lead to bloody urination, elevated frequency of urination, urgency, and inappropriate urination. Painful urination is the most common symptom, so take your pup to the vet in case you hear him whining or whimpering earlier than, throughout or after urination.

How to Keep away from It:

Encourage (by way of common walks) your canine to get rid of himself commonly. Urine that sits within the bladder for too lengthy may also help micro organism develop. Maintain your canine hydrated and present clear consuming water for him always. Pet fountains usually are extra engaging for canine to drink water. Don’t let his bowl go dry and clear it as soon as a day earlier than pouring new water. In case your canine is prone to urinary tract infections, ask your vet to prescribe particular meals or beneficial do-it-yourself pet food recipes.

How to Repair It:

The most typical remedy for UTIs are antibiotics. Nevertheless, some residence cures like cranberries and blueberries, apple cider vinegar or vitamin C tablets can even assist, as was noticed in analysis. Improve your canine’s fluid consumption to stimulate elimination of micro organism from his urinary tract, and encourage your canine to drink even when he does not need to.

Obesity in Dogs

7. Weight problems

Weight problems is the quickest rising well being drawback for canine within the U.S. and has been for many years now. In truth, in accordance to Affiliation for Pet Weight problems Prevention, in 2017 56% of all canine within the US have been obese or overweight. Weight problems can lead to many different critical canine well being points, resembling diabetes, orthopedic issues, arthritis and coronary heart illnesses.

How to Keep away from It:

Amongst all different talked about canine well being points right here, stopping weight problems in canine is the simplest and commonest sense. Be sure that your canine has a wholesome, well-balanced weight loss plan and that he consumes no extra energy than he wants. Hold canine treats restricted to not more than 10% of his day by day caloric consumption and keep away from human meals. Train your canine frequently.

How to Repair It:

Correct weight-reduction plan and train are the one approach to assist your canine to drop extra pounds. You’ll be able to seek the advice of together with your vet on the simplest weight loss plan plan and attempt some weight reduction canine meals. Usually, weight-reduction plan wealthy in protein and fiber shall be greatest for weight reduction in canine. An important factor is to scale back the caloric consumption and improve bodily exercise, and do it progressively.

Dental Problems in Dogs

eight. Dental Issues

There’s quite a lot of dental issues your canine can have in his lifetime, like unfastened tooth, damaged tooth and totally different gum issues. Nevertheless, the most typical canine well being points associated to dental care is periodontal illness. In accordance to American Veterinary Dental School, by three years of age, most canine have some proof of periodontal illness. Infected gums, dangerous breath, plaque and swollen jaws are signs of periodontal illness in canine.

How to Keep away from It:

Good oral hygiene is the important thing to dental well being. Many pet house owners ignore this a part of canine care however essential to brush your canine’s tooth often, at the least a number of occasions every week however ideally as soon as a day to maintain his tooth wholesome. Take your canine to the vet typically to take away any plaque and tartar to forestall it from spreading additional and inflicting periodontal illness. Particular bones and particular chew toys (or dental treats) can enhance your canine’s dental well being additional when utilizing them alongside common brushing (and not as an alternative of it).

How to Repair It:

There’s an enormous number of dental issues in canine, and they will trigger totally different canine well being points, so remedy will depend upon the precise problem. In case your canine has periodontal illness, skilled dental cleansing is a crucial first step. After that, you should brush your canine’s tooth day by day. Use confirmed dental chews and meals to assist with the cleansing and eradicating the plaque.

Arthritis in Dogs

9. Arthritis

Whereas arthritis shouldn’t be among the many commonest canine well being points in pets of all ages, it’s a particularly widespread situation in senior canine. Actually, majority of canine will endure from totally different levels of arthritis as they age since this situation is a basic time period for irregular modifications in a canine’s joint. Recognizing arthritis signs early may help you cope with the issue higher, so search for the indicators like decreased exercise and aversion to it, mobility modifications, weight achieve and contact avoidance.

How to Keep away from It:

Since joint issues are a pure a part of growing older course of in each canine and people, you’ll be able to’t actually forestall them, however there are methods to decelerate their development. Some precautions may be taken, nevertheless: keep away from letting your canine leap off beds and automobiles too typically (and use pet stairs as an alternative), ensure that the canine’s weight loss plan is balanced and accommodates loads of omega-Three fatty acids and probiotics, and keep away from additional caloric consumption.

Weight problems can injury your canine’s joints and lead to arthritis, and an overweight canine with arthritis will probably be a lot more durable to care of and is probably going to expertise critical ache every day. Train your canine frequently and take day by day walks to hold his joints versatile and lubricated.

How to Repair It:

Fixing arthritis is just not attainable, however you possibly can present some aid on your canine. The truth is, there are various totally different choices at this time, like pain-relieving drugs, arthritis dietary supplements and meals, physiotherapy, laser remedy, and even stem cell remedy. Additionally, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, in addition to comparable dietary dietary supplements like vitamin E or omega-Three fatty acids from fish oil, are sometimes used to deal with canine with arthritis.

Taking good care of a canine just isn’t straightforward and requires time, dedication and effort. Sadly, that isn’t all the time sufficient to keep away from a few of these commonest canine well being points. In such instances, fast response and correct analysis are essential, so take your pooch to the vet as quickly as you discover something uncommon in his conduct or look.

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