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Dog Obesity: Ask The Vet With Dr. Susan Aiello, DVM

Dog Obesity: Ask The Vet With Dr. Susan Aiello, DVM

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DogTime Moderator: Welcome to this PetChat hosted occasion delivered to you by WebVet with Dr. Susan Aiello, DVM. Dr. Susan will reply your questions on canine weight problems and what to feed your canine to maintain them wholesome. Welcome Dr. Susan!

Dr. Susan: Howdy! My identify is Susan Aiello, and I acquired my veterinary diploma from Michigan State College in 1984. I practiced small animal drugs within the Midwest, and am the previous Editor of The Merck Veterinary Guide. Do you know that almost 40% of pets are obese?! Let’s get speaking about easy methods to maintain YOUR pet from tipping the highest of the load chart.
Moderator: Is there a specific sort of pet food that canine house owners ought to avoid?
Dr. Susan: There isn’t a selected meals that’s wanted or that it is best to avoid. It must be full and balanced in fact, however the hot button is moderation in each food regimen and train. Staying away from high-fat treats, like desk meals, will go a great distance towards retaining your canine trim.
MaggieC: How are you going to inform how a lot your canine ought to weigh?
Dr. Susan: So far as how a lot your canine ought to weigh, it’s a good suggestion to take a look at breed requirements. Then regulate from there relying in your canine’s age and exercise degree, and so on.

Pet Feeding

momof3bostons: I adopted a Boston Terrier that gave delivery to 7 infants. 5 lived. The puppies shall be Four weeks Saturday. Momma canine has began to wean them already. Can I feed them, and what do I begin with?
Dr. Susan: Sure, sounds just like the mom canine has already began the weaning course of for you! You’ll be able to feed small quantities of a high-quality canned pet meals, combined with some water or perhaps a little milk (a bit of!). Let the pups eat for 10-15 minutes after which take the meals away. You can begin with one or two pet meals feedings a day and work up because the mom nurses the pups much less.
momof3bostons: Ought to I make her allow them to nurse?
Dr. Susan: If she gained’t permit the pups to nurse in any respect, then you definitely’ll have to ensure every of the pups is getting sufficient, which may be robust in a gaggle! You could want to offer some supplemental feeding with a pet milk replacer. However often by 5-6 weeks, the pups may be absolutely weaned.
momof3bostons: Nice. I respect your time and fantastic recommendation. You’ve got been very useful.

Pet Meals Labels And House Cooking

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Crazymonkey: What are some examples of top of the range canned pet meals?
Dr. Susan: To seek out good pet meals for any life stage, together with puppies, learn the label. The key phrases you need to see are “complete and balanced.” You could have much more assurance if the label reads that the meals meets “AAFCO standards.” (FYI, The AAFCO is the American Affiliation of Feed Management Officers.)
Crazymonkey: Superior. So canned meals is best than residence cooking?
Dr. Susan: House cooking is an choice, nevertheless it’s very robust to do appropriately. Typically it’s troublesome to acquire all wanted elements to make sure that the meals is full and balanced. If you wish to home-cook, I’d strongly advise working with a veterinary nutritionist. Business canned is quite a bit simpler and brings plenty of assurance. With 5 pups, you need to have lots to do!

Dealing with Finicky Eaters

MaggieC: Dr. Susan, my good friend has a Nice Dane and has simply reverse drawback, the canine is just too skinny. Any recommendation on the way to get him to eat extra?
Crazymonkey: I’ve an issue with my canine not gaining weight. She’s a finicky eater and that’s why I assumed residence cooking may increase her urge for food. Are there different issues I can supply to get some meat on her?
Dr. Susan: Wow, uncommon drawback for a big/big breed canine. Does he eat and never achieve any weight? Is his urge for food low? How a lot train does he get?
MaggieC: His urge for food is low. He’s frisky as all get out, however he’s simply not considering meals.
Dr. Susan: What’s the common food plan of the finicky eater? Dry or canned?
MaggieC: Combo-dried and canned.
Crazymonkey: Some dried meals (I’ve to undergo couple of manufacturers to see which one she appreciated) and a few canned meals (Beneful).
Dr. Susan: If you feed the dry meals, don’t feed it utterly dry. Attempt soaking it with small quantities of water. Additionally attempt meal feeding–in different phrases if the canine doesn’t eat the meals in 15-20 minutes, decide it up and put recent down on the subsequent supper time. You can too attempt mixing in a small quantity of the canned, or a few of the “dog gravies” which might be available on the market. Some canine additionally love having somewhat little bit of human child meals combined on the highest!
MaggieC: Child meals! That’s an fascinating concept and one I do know she hasn’t tried. She’s tried nearly all the things.
Crazymonkey: Fascinating… child meals
Dr. Susan: It’s also possible to attempt heating the meals as much as room temperature or barely heat.

Getting Into Form To Struggle Dog Weight problems

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Twinkle: Dr. Susan – right here’s my dilemma, I’ve a 7 & 1 yr previous, on dry meals. The older one appears to be obese – Lhasa Apso round 20 lbs. any recommendation on how I can get her into form?
Dr. Susan: For Twinkle with the obese Lhasa, top-of-the-line methods to get an older canine shifting and into form is the all-time favourite canine stroll. Begin sluggish, perhaps a 10-minute stroll twice a day, after which slowly work as much as 30 minutes twice a day. If you will get the older canine to play with interactive toys with the youthful one, that ought to assist too.
Twinkle: Nice! They really do play lots and it has made a distinction.

Dora: I’ve a Beagle obese what ought to I do?
Dr. Susan: OK, I feel Dora is subsequent. Get the Beagle out strolling! Beagles additionally sometimes are good at ball chasing, so in case you have a fenced-in yard or can get to a canine park, attempt to get her fascinated with that.

Leg Lameness

Dr. Tubbs: My canine appears to favor her hind proper paw. We’ve had x-rays executed, inspected it, however can’t discover any factor flawed. Any ideas?
Dr. Susan: For Dr. Tubbs, is the lameness constant or intermittent?
Dr. Tubbs: Intermittent, looks like solely on some surfaces
Dr. Susan: Lameness on any of the opposite legs?
Dr. Tubbs: Nope, and she or he doesn’t appear to be in ache. She simply favors it typically for 10 steps or so.
Dr. Susan: What sort of canine and age? One factor to remember is that soft-tissue accidents, like a muscle sprain, are extraordinarily widespread, gained’t present up on x-rays, and may take a number of months to heal utterly.
Dr. Tubbs: Oh boy. She’s a few yr previous Bull Staffie. Very, very athletic and lively.
Dr. Susan: Athletic, muscular canine are probably the most susceptible to muscle damage. I’d control it, and if issues don’t progress in the fitting course, verify again together with your vet in one other three weeks or so.
Dr. Tubbs: Will do. Thanks very a lot for the recommendation.

Toy Dog Train

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Marmar: My canine is a toy canine and I’m scared she’s not getting sufficient train. How do I do know she’s getting sufficient? She’s a toy Chihuahua. Somewhat over a yr. She’s often indoors and I take her out a couple of occasions every week. She simply began enjoying on the canine park
Dr. Susan: For the toy Chihuahua, there are two methods to guage your canine’s train degree. First, take into consideration your canine’s weight. If she’s obese, she wants both much less meals or extra train, or each! If her weight is sweet, however she appears to have loads of pent-up power, then she wants extra common train, too.
Marmar: I took her for a jog as soon as across the block. She couldn’t deal with it. How a lot is sufficient for her?
Dr. Susan: That in all probability is an excessive amount of for a Chihuahua. Keep in mind that whenever you stroll at a traditional tempo, your stride might be about Four-6 occasions her little stride. So whenever you’re strolling, she’s already jogging or perhaps even operating. Strolling her across the block is best than jogging, however you’ll have to go a few occasions a day! Additionally, keep in mind to go slowly. Individuals don’t go from being sofa potatoes to operating the Boston marathon with out sluggish and cautious coaching!

Dog Ascites

Chasdick: Hello, good day, is there a specific age a canine can get ascites?
Dr. Susan: I feel we had a query on ascites, which is an accumulation of fluid in a physique cavity, just like the stomach. It may possibly occur in a canine of any age, however ascites is nearly all the time secondary to a different drawback, like coronary heart illness, which is way extra widespread in older canine.
Chasdick: OK thanks

Feeding Canine Garlic

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Dr. Tubbs: I’ve heard conflicting studies about garlic. Some say it’s good, some say harmful. Which is true?
Dr. Susan: For what function? Some individuals say it’ll assist with flea management, however there isn’t good scientific proof. There’s no objective for it.
Dr. Tubbs: I’ve simply seen it in some dog-treat recipes and questioned if it was okay.
Dr. Susan: Properly, let me rephrase that. It’s nice on pizza and different Italian goodies, however they’re for individuals, not canine!
Dr. Tubbs: Okay, so that you advocate avoid it if my canine don’t have flea issues?
Dr. Susan: Ah. Very small quantities are okay, nevertheless it isn’t wanted. I’d in all probability depart it out simply in case of potential abdomen upset.
Dr. Tubbs: Thanks, that’s what I needed to know.
Dr. Susan: Sure, I’d avoid it, even for those who had a flea drawback. There are far simpler, confirmed cures out there.

How A lot To Feed A Dog

Sanlynnj: I feed my Border Collie, American Eskimo cross Eukanuba, rice and lamb. She will get lots of train–very lively. How a lot, day by day, ought to I feed her?
Dr. Susan: To date, sounds nice. Good meals and train! The correct quantity depends upon your canine’s age and exercise degree. The greatest strategy to decide is by taking a look at her physique situation. You must be capable of simply really feel your canine’s ribs, however not see them. Additionally, once you take a look at your canine from above, she ought to have a waistline. From the aspect, you must see a “tuck” the place the stomach goes into the pelvic space.
Sanlynnj: She is 16 months previous; I fear about her not getting sufficient.
Dr. Susan: When you don’t see a waistline or a “tuck,” then the canine is obese, and you’ll want to reduce down on treats (if she’s getting any) after which on the quantity of normal weight loss plan. In the event you can see her ribs, or if her waistline or tuck is outstanding, then you possibly can feed just a little extra.
Sanlynnj: Onerous to inform together with her fur, however I can really feel her ribs. She will get coaching treats.
Dr. Susan: Properly, she’s a younger, lively canine, and so she could also be just a little skinny. If she’s regular and wholesome, you’ll in all probability see her fill out between age 2 and three. Keep in mind once you have been a young person? You may drink milkshakes and eat fries and keep skinny? The similar factor doesn’t occur in your thirties! It seems like she’s at a superb weight, so proceed with coaching treats and let her age a bit. When you see something irregular, get her checked out by your vet.
Sanlynnj: She’s getting a cup and a half per day.
Dr. Susan: Sounds about proper. Sustain the great work.
Sanlynnj: Thanks.

Warts On Canine

MaggieC: Are warts on Pit Bulls contagious?
Dr. Susan: If the warts on the pit bulls are papillomas (which is a quite common trigger), then no, they don’t seem to be contagious from canine to canine. Papillomas are brought on by a virus nevertheless, and more often than not, they go away on their very own in a number of months time.
MaggieC: Okay, thanks!

How A lot Water A Dog Ought to Drink

Dog drinking water.

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Dr. Tubbs: Is there something to be nervous about if my canine doesn’t appear to drink loads of water?
Dr. Susan: In all probability not. If the canine eats canned or semi-moist meals, she’ll drink much less water. Water consumption additionally relies upon lots on the surroundings. If it’s cool, she gained’t drink as a lot as in the summertime.
Dr. Tubbs: He eats kibble, however it simply looks like he goes to the water bowl rather a lot lower than my feminine.
Dr. Susan: You possibly can regulate him for dehydration. In case you can pull up the pores and skin and it doesn’t go proper again into place, that’s a simple method to inform if he’s dehydrated. Does the feminine canine drink so much? Consuming a LOT of water is far more generally an indication of illness (eg, diabetes, urinary troubles, endocrine illness, and so on).
Dr. Tubbs: Hmm. She appears to drink a traditional quantity. I’ll attempt the pores and skin check on my male. Thanks!
Dr. Susan: There’s additionally particular person variability, so maintain that in thoughts, too. If he’s smaller, he’ll naturally drink much less.

Hip Dysplasia

todddog1: I worry my canine is creating indicators of Hip Dysplasia. Is there something I must be doing? He’s 5 years previous.
Dr. Susan: What breed is he? Has he had x-rays?
todddog1: A Collie.
Dr. Susan: First, you need to work together with your veterinarian to ensure you have an correct analysis. And Collies definitely do endure from hip dysplasia. In case your canine does have dysplasia, or some other arthritic situation, maintaining the load down is among the most essential issues you are able to do in your canine to be stored snug

Moderator: Thanks for collaborating in our hosted occasion delivered to you by about pet weight problems with Dr. Susan Aiello.

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