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Holiday Health Issues for Dogs — Know the Dangers and Fixes

A hungry dog eyeing a holiday table.

The vacations are a time of celebration, enthusiastic present giving and (if we’re being trustworthy) overindulgence for many people. And since we love our canine, it’s completely pure to need to embrace them in our festivities, however making too merry could make a canine sick.

In line with Embrace Pet Insurance coverage, the holidays coincide with an annual improve of claims for pancreatitis, gastroenteritis and intoxication, simply to call a couple of. If you would like your canine to be in fine condition for the New Yr, hold your vacation celebration canine-friendly by following the following pointers and fixes.

1. Don’t share human vacation treats together with your canine

A hungry dog eyeing a holiday table.

Don’t feed your canine from the desk — and make sure that he can’t assist himself, both! Images ©Terran Bayer | AnimalHaus Media.

Flames dancing in the fireside might put you in the vacation spirit, however an infected pancreas, also called pancreatitis, will put your canine in ache and hazard.

Signs embrace decreased urge for food, nausea, vomiting and lethargy. The actually unhappy half is, people are a serious explanation for pancreatitis round the holidays.

“Everybody wants to make their dog happy at the holidays and so they want to feed them something and, oftentimes, it comes from the dinner table. It’s too rich, and it gives them an upset tummy or pancreatitis sometimes,” explains Dr. Gwen Jeun, the present president of the Ontario Veterinary
Medical Affiliation.

Easy methods to indulge your canine on the holidays — in a wholesome means

Dr. Jeun says the greatest vacation feast for a canine is no matter pet food they often eat. Whereas human meals like cheese or turkey pores and skin are sometimes the reason for an episode of pancreatitis, even a change from one pet food to a different could be problematic, Dr. Jeun says.

She recollects one Boxing Day she spent with a canine whose Christmas presents included a doggie turkey dinner in a can … that ended up coming with a aspect of pancreatitis.

Fortunately, Dr. Jeun helped the canine make it by way of, and the story additionally lives on as a reminder that switching up the canine menu isn’t the present we people think about it to be.

What do you do in case your canine will get pancreatitis?

In case your canine does get pancreatitis, what do you do? In case your canine is panting, shaking, reluctant to eat, vomiting or experiencing diarrhea, don’t let anybody supply extra desk scraps and even pet food, and get your pooch to the veterinarian as quickly as you possibly can. The veterinarian can inform you if it’s pancreatitis or one thing else, and present drugs for vomiting and ache, plus intravenous fluids if mandatory.

2. Watch the desk, the turkey and the trash

In fact, the improve in pancreatitis instances over the vacation season isn’t simply resulting from what we people are feeding our canine, but in addition what they feed themselves if given the probability, and they do have so many tempting possibilities presently of yr.

“We certainly see a lot of dietary indiscretion around the holidays,” says Dr. Jen Kasten, DVM, who serves as the Technical Providers Veterinarian for Tomlyn Veterinary Science.

Typically it’s canine raiding the rubbish or “cleaning up” meals dropped at the dinner desk, she says. Different occasions, individuals will “carve their turkey and then walk away, and the dog thinks, ‘Oh, that’s a tasty snack up on the counter, let me go grab it,” Dr. Kasten explains, noting that in both case, the ingestion of bones can result in medical emergencies, like a gastrointestinal obstruction (a blockage in the digestive tract).

If a bone is inflicting a blockage in a canine’s physique, signs can embrace vomiting, diarrhea and a scarcity of urge for food. Typically, canine experiencing gastrointestinal obstructions do require surgical procedure to get the bone out. Final yr Embrace Pet Insurance coverage acquired $33,000 value of claims as a result of canine ingesting overseas our bodies (together with bones).

Blockages aren’t the solely points that stepping into the turkey can result in. Dietary indiscretion may cause gastroenteritis, which, like pancreatitis, may be life-threatening. Repeated vomiting or diarrhea could be signs of gastroenteritis or pancreatitis, or they are often the canine’s entire analysis. One unfastened stool isn’t an enormous deal, however extended diarrhea or vomiting can result in lethal dehydration, so it’s greatest to take your pup to the vet shortly.

Learn how to hold your canine away from poisonous or probably unhealthy meals

If you understand your pooch probably can’t resist the temptation of a carved turkey, maintain him out of the kitchen or away from the eating room whereas the fowl is on the platter. A canine gate is perhaps your greatest guess in case your thresholds permit for one. For those who’ve received a extra open flooring plan, you could need to put your pooch in one other room or have grownup relations take turns watching him intently and maintaining him entertained.

Equally, be sure that presents containing meals (like bins of fancy candies) aren’t wrapped and positioned beneath the tree or left in stockings. Retailer them someplace excessive and out of your canine’s attain till Christmas morning, and don’t depart them out after unwrapping.

What do you do in case your canine eats one thing he shouldn’t?

In case your canine does sneak into one thing he wasn’t imagined to, don’t panic. Name your vet or the closest emergency vet to seek out out what motion you have to take and should you ought to take him in. In the event you’re not acquainted with emergency veterinarian providers in your space, take a minute earlier than the holidays to study the on-call quantity and the location and put it on an simply accessible place, like your fridge. You can even name the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Management Middle telephone quantity at 888-426-4435 (a session payment could also be charged).

three. Keep away from gifting bones

A dog unwrapping or biting a gift.

Keep away from gifting bones this vacation season. Images ©Redphotographer | Getty Picture.

Each Dr. Kasten and Dr. Jeun say it’s not simply the bones in the rubbish bag, however bones in present luggage, too, that canine lovers must be aware of. The vets recommend people keep away from giving bones as presents to their canine, or family members’ canine, as typically the 5-dollar bone or antler Aunt Sarah left underneath the tree for Spot can result in cracked tooth and an enormous dental invoice (and in fact may cause these blockages talked about earlier).

Dr. Jeun suggests, for younger canine, a pair of winter booties they are often educated to put on in the snow may be a greater present and that a smooth new canine mattress is all the time jolly good for canine of any age.

When to go to the vet

In case you see the following behaviors in your pup, it’s time to go to the vet. The primary signal of a cracked tooth is usually a yelp or cry when your canine is busy together with his bone. You may see some bleeding, too. In the event you don’t discover these indicators immediately, your canine may begin avoiding his meals or chewing with just one aspect of his mouth. Relying on the severity of the crack, you could be referred to a veterinary dentist.

four. Cope with stress

The vacations could be traumatic for people and, as a result of they’ve even much less management over the chaos then we do, this time of yr might be much more making an attempt for pets. Stress can result in colitis (the most blatant symptom of which is diarrhea), gastroenteritis (which additionally includes a whole lot of vomiting and diarrhea) and exacerbate different well being points, so taking steps to scale back interruptions to your canine’s routine ought to stay a prime precedence throughout the hustle and bustle of the vacation season.

Maintain the stroll routine as secure as the menu, and ensure your pup has a protected place to go in case you’re going to be having visitors in and out of the home. For canine who want somewhat additional assist chilling out, Dr. Kasten recommends canine treats with tryptophan and ginger.

Tricks to scale back vacation stress in canine

To scale back your canine’s vacation stress, begin with decreasing your personal. In accordance with Jill Breitner, writer of the Canine Decoder Smartphone App, it’s not as a lot the addition of indoor timber and decorations that stress our canine out at house throughout the holidays, however how the people are feeling and how we’re interacting with one another.

“Any time there’s an environmental change, dogs will respond,” Jill tells Dogster. “But what happens over the holidays is, people are stressed.”

Being round people who’re arguing with one another can stress a canine out and even result in bodily signs. Behavioral modifications in your canine may be the first signal that one thing’s incorrect, even earlier than vomiting or unfastened stools.

“Just hiding behind the couch and kind of peering out with some facial tension, with their ears back and down and panting might be a sign of pain,” Jill explains.

The right way to get your canine prepared for firm

In case your canine doesn’t do nicely with firm, however you’re planning to have individuals over, Jill suggests getting your pooch prepared for the massive day a pair days prematurely by introducing him to the room he might keep in by himself throughout the festivities. She cautions towards leaving a canine alone in a separate room if he’s not used to it (as that may truly trigger stress) however says for some canine who’ve had the alternative to get accustomed to it, being away from a big household gathering in their very own protected area is preferable.

Maintain your canine engaged

Our canine don’t want a wedge of brie to know that we love them, however they could want a bit of additional consideration throughout the holidays, particularly as our consideration will get unfold skinny. Jill suggests ensuring we train our canine earlier than any huge vacation occasions (whether or not they’ll be attending or not).

What to do if you must depart your canine house alone

Should you’re going to have a late night time at a vacation get together, be sure that your canine goes to be snug earlier than you go. Arrange an automated feeder to serve his meals, and in case you assume you’ll be getting residence late, have a pet sitter or canine walker swing by to verify in your pup.

The way to deal with boredom or melancholy in canine

In case your canine appears bored or depressed, it might be an indication that his routine has been despatched out of whack by your vacation plans. Attempt to schedule as many walks and outings over the holidays as you do on any common day to be sure that your canine will get the train and consideration he’s used to.

Taking a stroll round the neighborhood to take a look at the mild shows or bringing your canine outdoors to make a snowman are nice methods to incorporate your canine in vacation actions.

In case your pup hasn’t had as a lot of your time as he usually would these days, contemplate a doggie date night time and snuggle up on the sofa in entrance of a festive movie. Simply don’t share the salted, buttered popcorn.

Prime vacation well being humbugs

A dog in a Santa outfit.

What are a few of the largest insurance coverage claims this time of yr? Images Terran Bayer | AnimalHaus Media.

Final December Embrace Pet Insurance coverage noticed:

  • $10,000 value of claims for chocolate poisoning
  • $12,000 for gastroenteritis
  • $23,000 for vomiting and diarrhea

So lookup and write down the info for the nearest emergency vet clinic, particularly in the event you and your canine are away from house this vacation season. Additionally, don’t hold chocolate (particularly the sugar-free type with xylitol) the place your pup can attain it. And keep in mind, there isn’t any wrapping paper stronger than a canine’s nostril.

Thumbnail: Images by Charlotte Reeves Images.

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About the writer:

Heather Marcoux is a contract author who loves the holidays virtually as a lot as she loves her canine, GhostBuster and Marshmallow. They gained’t be getting cheese this Christmas. You possibly can see them pouting over that on Instagram, the place they’re generally known as @ghostpets.

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