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How The Food Industry Tries to Silence Us (My Appearance on CNN…)

How The Food Industry Tries to Silence Us (My Appearance on CNN...)

I acquired a request to be on CNN final Sunday night time asking me to talk about the romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak. However right here’s the loopy factor…

My look on nationwide TV actually pissed off some individuals. And no – not as a result of it was on CNN. (My stance on nationwide media has all the time been to take the chance to unfold the reality, it doesn’t matter what outlet). 

So why would anybody be enraged that I went on TV to speak about lettuce?

Let me clarify…

There are a band of meals industry individuals who comply with my each transfer and do no matter they will to deliver our motion down. This consists of individuals who work with Massive Food and chemical firms and public relations companies who symbolize these corporations. They don’t need an activist like me to have an viewers and to inform individuals the reality about our meals provide. This threatens their income… and if you find yourself a menace, you turn into a goal. It may be scary at occasions, however I do my greatest to not let it sway me.

So after my look on CNN final weekend, I discovered myself once more being focused with a tactic referred to as “astroturfing”. That is one thing they’ve achieved to me up to now, typically after I make an enormous public look or launch a profitable marketing campaign or petition.

Astroturfing is a pretend grassroots motion, which is used to make it appear to be there’s both widespread help or disapproval of an individual, situation, or firm – even when there’s not.

When an astroturf marketing campaign is launched, it’ll seem like there are swarms of individuals on one aspect of the difficulty, when in all actuality, it’s a small group of individuals working collectively backed by public relations companies or particular curiosity teams. Astroturfing is designed to form and warp media messages to match a industry-friendly narrative and manipulate public opinion. 

For example, once we petition a Massive Food firm and ask them to drop a dangerous additive from their meals, tons of of social media profiles (some actual, some pretend) are activated and flood Fb with messages in opposition to what we’re asking the corporate to do. Once we requested In-N-Out Burger to cease the routine use of antibiotics, a number of profiles got here to In-N-Out’s Fb Web page and advised them particularly not to change and never to pay attention us “fear mongers.” The similar occurred once we wrote concerning the dangerous components in Boar’s Head deli meats and requested them to enhance. 

Astroturfing additionally occurs behind the scenes and off of the pages of social media. When I’m invited to converse at occasions, a swarm of social media profiles spam the group who invited me to converse. Once I was on the duvet of Expertise Life journal and when Yahoo Well being featured me in some movies, they tracked down the editors of those publications and swamped them with complaints. It appeared on the floor that the complaints have been coming from dozens of separate people, nevertheless it was truly a small group of individuals working collectively to make it seem that approach.

For those who’ve been following me for awhile, I’m positive you’ve seen astroturfing in motion…

The surprising insults and name-calling…

The relentless bullying…

The defamatory allegations…

The canned “industry-friendly” responses…

After you’ve seen it a number of occasions, it turns into manifestly apparent. 

Astroturfing is efficient as a result of it diverts consideration away from the REAL ISSUES.

It encourages individuals to speak smack about an individual – like Dr. Ouncesis a “quack” and Food Babe is a “fearmonger” – versus the actual points of getting Roundup weedkiller in our meals and synthetic dyes in our mac n’ cheese. They worry an trustworthy dialogue with what’s fallacious with these chemical compounds in our meals.

To point out you what I’m up towards, that is what occurred after I used to be on nationwide TV this week… 

An astroturfing marketing campaign was kicked off by a lady who calls herself “Farm Babe” (marvel the place she got here up with that identify?!). She is a standard farmer who has labored as a “social media influencer” for Domino’s Pizza, Arctic Apples (GMO), Tyson Meals, and Elanco (maker of livestock medicine). She writes a daily column in Ag Day by day – a publication backed by Monsanto and Bayer. Quite a few makers of typical farm feed and GMOs have employed her to converse at their occasions. She is actually working instantly with Huge Food and Ag manufacturers. She additionally has a private stake within the industry. On her farm she grows corn, soybeans, alfalfa and raises typical beef on a feedlot that makes use of grains and progress hormones.

She works with most of the huge gamers in Ag who’re proponents of manufacturing unit farming – one thing I would like to change – so in fact, she doesn’t like what I stand for. So it was no shock that she posted this on her Fb web page after my look on CNN:

I’ll handle her feedback about sewage sludge and antibiotics, however as you see under, her publish engaged a swarm of individuals to ship emails to CNN to complain about me and inform them to by no means have me on their community. Listed here are only a handful of responses to her publish:

As you’ll be able to see – there have been swarms of individuals contacting CNN about my look.

After Farm Babe launched this astroturf assault, a science author at The Every day Beast caught on…

I don’t know precisely how she acquired wind of it – but when I used to be a betting lady (and on this case, I might love to take a guess if I somebody is daring sufficient to come ahead to inform the reality about what occurred right here) – I might guess she was tipped off by Farm Babe herself or different industry-aligned individuals with an agenda.

The journalist Tanya Basu tried to reality examine what I stated – however as an alternative FAILED miserably… 

The truth is she utterly disregarded what I stated and made up a story that suited the FDA’s response. 

On CNN, I stated I select entire heads of lettuce (over bagged reduce lettuce) as a result of there are fewer factors of potential contamination. I additionally made it clear that this wouldn’t all the time get rid of the danger and that you simply can’t wash E. coli off of contaminated lettuce. 

I stated I like to reduce the contact factors within the provide chain once I make meals decisions. The much less processing a product goes by way of, the higher. And this isn’t improper – particularly when it comes to lettuce.

Lettuce is understood to be notably tough when it comes to meals security as all the things starting from “production practices, harvesting, packing, processing and food handling have all been linked to illnesses associated with leafy greens. E. coli can get into food through manure, contaminated water used during growing or harvesting, or improper food handling at a store, restaurant or home”. Shopping for an entire head of lettuce does reduce these contact factors. 

She went on to state that some scientists have stated my “hatred of additives” is rooted in “anti-science” and “perpetuates myths. To again up this assertion, she quotes Kevin Folta criticizing our profitable marketing campaign to take away azodicarbonamide from Subway’s bread. It’s irresponsible that she makes use of this argument for 2 causes. One – scientists do again up the truth that azodicarbonamide breaks down into carcinogens when baked. Secondly – Kevin Folta was the scientist quoted who’s a recognized shill for the chemical industry.

Additionally, I’m right in stating that the overuse of antibiotics is creating superbugs that may’t be handled with antibiotics. In accordance to the World Well being Group, “The high volume of antibiotics in food-producing animals contributes to the development of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, particularly in settings of intensive animal production… Many of the bacteria (such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and Escherichia coli) carried by animals can also cause disease in people. These bacteria, which are frequently antimicrobial-resistant, can contaminate our food supply from farm to fork, such as through slaughtering and processing. Fruits and vegetables may also be contaminated by such bacteria at the farm or later through cross-contamination.”

As you possibly can see, they struggle to mince my phrases on objective to attempt to destroy my credibility.

What a journalistic fail on this writers fault. She does an actual disservice to public security by spending her time attacking me.

They need me to be scared and go away… 

They need to management the narrative – in order that every little thing you see on TV, within the information, on billboards, and on meals packages is pro-processed meals, pro-chemical, pro-Massive Ag, and pro-Huge Food.

I refuse to allow them to silence me. I can’t again down from telling individuals who will pay attention what I do know. And loads of individuals are listening. And that is WHY I wrote my new ebook Feeding You Lies.

I do know these kind of assaults shall be ramping up as this ebook is hitting shops in a number of brief months. Within the ebook, I’m going into higher element on the various alternative ways the industry pulls stunts to idiot the general public (and the media). It’s eye-opening and also you want to know what’s going on!

Please pre-order a replica of Feeding You Lies to present the meals industry that you simply help the work I’m doing. Decide up a pair extras on your family members, it makes a fantastic present:

I want each single considered one of you by my aspect.

The greatest method to make astroturfing much less efficient is to inform everybody about it! Please share this submit. 



P.S. Right here’s some further info on Farm Babe’s claims for any science journalists that need to actually reality verify:

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Watch the CNN clip right here:


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