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Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know- The Ultimate Guide by TruDog

Should you’re researching uncooked freeze dried dog food, you’re in all probability a sensible, informed, caring pet dad or mum. You’re simply the sort of individuals we love.

You’ve probably ended up here because you’re researching a uncooked foods eating regimen in your canine, or just wanting to improve your canine’s weight loss plan to one of the best meals within your finances. Freeze dried uncooked dog food has been gaining in reputation, and for good cause. It’s a nutrient dense, healthy choice for canine that’s designed to provide vitamin the best way Mother Nature meant. Simply put, your canine’s digestive system is designed to course of uncooked prey animals- not grain-filled overcooked nuggets of rendered meats and leftovers from the human meals consumption business. However how do you get started feeding your dog higher?

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Navigating the pet food market in immediately’s world can feel like training for a Triathlon at occasions. There are so many options, elements, eating regimen plans, and brands to select from- and also you need the easiest on your canine, right?

That’s why we put together this Ultimate Guide to Raw Freeze Dried Dog Meals to aid you discover a answer that’s greatest in your and your dog. Some things we’ll cover are:

  • What’s freeze dried pet food?
  • How is freeze dried food totally different from kibble?
  • How do I feed my canine freeze dried meals?
  • What are the preferred healthy diets for canine?

raw dog food cost

Most freeze dried raw canine meals are costlier than grocery retailer kibbles. The main purpose is simple- it’s a greater quality food. In human phrases, it’s like comparing prompt noodles to an natural raw food menu. The components are higher, so the price is bigger.

As well as, the freeze drying process permits raw pet food to be shelf secure without adding any preservatives. It locks in vitamins and style. Nevertheless, this process may be pricey for producers, growing the ultimate value of the product.

One other factor to contemplate when evaluating value is quantity. Your canine might eat ten pounds of filler-laden kibble per week, but only three pounds of uncooked freeze dried, grain free canine food- and nonetheless get optimal nutritional value from that six pounds. This idea could be troublesome for many pet mother and father to grasp as it may well really feel such as you’re not feeding your dog enough meals when switching to a freeze dried dog food model. Nevertheless, you’ll discover your dog has increased power and is satiated with less meals in the bowl whenever you feed a top quality pet food.

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Raw freeze dried dog food is often made as a grain-free, protein-rich dog food preserved in its natural state. This means uncooked meals are freeze dried to make them shelf secure. Most freeze dried dog foods require you reintroduce the water that’s eliminated in the course of the freeze drying course of, prior to feeding your dog. This also means freeze dried canine foods weigh less, take up less area, and are extra nutrient dense than conventional kibbles and pet food.

Raw pet food has many advantages over high-heat processed, filler-laden kibbles. A uncooked meat food plan for canine is claimed to be Biologically Applicable. You might hear uncooked meals as being a part of an Alpha Prey weight loss plan or Biologically Applicable Raw Meals eating regimen (BARF). These diets are comprised of the meals Mother Nature meant in your dog to eat. Your canine’s digestive system is uniquely designed to course of and make the most of raw meat. These seems unusual to people, as a result of we might get sick if ate raw meat. But your dog’s system is DESIGNED to eat prey animals they might catch within the wild. For canine, uncooked dog food is simpler to digest than cooked kibbles.

Relying on the kind of raw dog food you select, your chosen pet food may be thought-about hypoallergenic, especially if the food is comprised of a single protein supply. Remember that when it comes to uncooked dog food, high quality matters. Many canine develop  allergic symptoms when fed inferior protein sources. It might be a reaction to meal-like components constructed from items and elements left over throughout processing of meat for human consumption. It many be inferior 4D rendered meats (sourced from lifeless, dying, diseased or disabled animals) or another part of the kibble processing that leads to allergic symptoms. Those signs can typically disappear when the canine is fed a raw food food plan produced from a top quality protein supply. That’s why many pet mother and father at the moment are demanding dog food comprised of foods comparable to what you’d eat. Excessive-grade cuts of meat make a difference.

Search for a uncooked pet food with elements you recognize. Avoid grains, starches, and “meal” elements. A pure strategy to feeding your dog is all the time greatest.

A few of the largest advantages of switching to a uncooked pet food are the modifications you’ll notice in your canine. They could have elevated power, healthy shiny coats, no foul doggie odor, less backyard waste, brisker breath, and a healthy superb weight.

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Sure! Freeze dried dog food is constructed from uncooked meat, preserved in its natural state by means of flash freeze drying to lock in flavor, vitamins, and freshness without adding artificial preservatives. Freeze dried pet food is the closest to recent, uncooked meat you will get whereas maintaining the convenience of shelf stability. Your digestive enzymes are very totally different from your canine’s. Your canine’s digestive system releases special enzymes that permit your canine to safely digest uncooked meats.

There are several types of uncooked freeze dried pet food available on the market. Some are excessive in fats, or ketogenic. Others are high in protein, and may match right into a ketogenic weight-reduction plan for canine if a wholesome fat, comparable to coconut oil, is added.

When you’re not placing your canine on a ketogenic eating regimen, a high protein uncooked freeze dried pet food is probably going your most suitable option. These meals are often packed filled with meat and organ meats for increased nutritional worth. You may want to think about at Biologically Applicable Raw Foods Weight loss plan in your dog (or BARF eating regimen). This accommodates principally uncooked meats, fruits, and greens, with nearly all of the weight loss plan consisting of uncooked meats and organs. It’s what your canine would naturally eat in the wild, or what a wolf would eat. It consists of floor bone, bone marrow, organs, and tripe. A BARF food regimen may be created from hen, fish, turkey, pork, beef, lamb, or different prey animals if it’s something your dog prefers.

An alpha prey mannequin food regimen for canine is just comprised solely of prey animals. Canine on this food regimen eat solely raw meat, bones, organs, and blood of prey animals. They don’t eat grains, greens, or fruits.

best raw freeze dried dog food

The Ketogenic food regimen has develop into highly regarded with humans for its potential to shed fats in a brief period of time. High quantities of protein and mixed with healthy fat to pressure the body to burn its fats shops by depriving it of carbohydrates. This no sugar, super low carb weight-reduction plan works for many people. But why would we would like to put our canine on a ketogenic eating regimen?

Many pet mother and father select to cycle their pet by way of short-term durations of the ketogenic weight-reduction plan. This is not a long-term food plan for canine. Canine who have most cancers, and people at excessive danger for most cancers have been proven to profit from the ketogenic food regimen.

For those who’re considering a ketogenic eating regimen on your dog, we advocate studying The Most cancers Remedy Weight loss plan for Canine revealed by The Dogington Publish (out there on amazon). It accommodates every thing you need to know on how to get started with keto on your dog. The worksheets make it straightforward to work out precisely how much to feed your dog, and there are useful coupons to assist get you began.

You also can analysis the consequences of a ketogenic weight-reduction plan in canine with cancer by learning more about Rodney Habib’s Ketopet Sanctuary challenge right here

Raw freeze dried dog meals are available quite a lot of varieties, and choosing one is usually a matter of comfort and your dog’s personal choice. Some raw meals are available a dry, powdery block that resembles styrofoam. You add water to these meals to make your dog’s food and the consistency is unusual for canine. Many freeze dried dog meals are bought within the freezer section and have to be thawed prior to feeding. Some are an oatmeal-type consistency that mixes up right into a gentle meal that’s preferrred for canine with dental points.

Others, like Feed Me, are preserved of their pure state and are delivered as crunchy bite-sized nuggets of meat that get softer the longer you permit them to sit in water. A majority of these meals permit you to customise how crunchy or tender your canine’s meals is just by soaking the meals in water for longer before serving. These pure state meals permit for a extra satisfying mouth really feel for canine in order that they benefit from the mealtime expertise extra.

best raw dog food

All the time comply with the package deal instructions on any particular person freeze dried dog food, together with feeding tips, for safety and greatest results on your canine. As a result of it’s uncooked meat, you’ll want to completely wash your palms, utensils, bowls and any surfaces that are available contact together with your canine’s meals. Protected meals dealing with practices within the kitchen apply to your dog’s raw food.

Raw freeze dried meals has had the surplus water eliminated through the preservation course of. Because of this, most freeze dried dog food should have water added again into the product prior to feeding. Some freeze dried pet food products stay frozen, and have to be thawed prior to feeding. All the time verify with the person beneficial feeding tips in your chosen product before giving to your canine.

For a lot of pet mother and father, freeze dried raw food just is sensible. It’s extra compact to store and extra nutritionally dense than traditional kibbles. Why tote residence 20 lbs. of water and filler-filled kibble when 2 lbs of freeze dried uncooked meals is nutritionally superior? With freeze dried foods, you add the water back in simply earlier than serving giving your canine a brisker consuming expertise. You can even choose to use filtered water to make certain your dog is getting one of the best hydration potential.  Freeze dried meals give you the power to select.

You can examine uncooked freeze dried pet food critiques, like TruDog’s Feed Me, on common websites like Chewy and Amazon, written by pet mother and father identical to you. You can even lookup evaluations on websites like Dog Food Advisor. TruDog all the time recommends doing your personal analysis on canine meals and/or consulting a trusted veterinarian about the perfect meals to feed your canine, especially if your dog has a continual well being situation or food sensitivities.

TruDog’s Feed Me uncooked freeze dried dog food has hundreds of four and five star evaluations from pet mother and father and every buy consists of our exclusive Happiness Guarantee so you possibly can attempt our freeze dried dog food danger free. You can choose from beef or turkey proteins, or get both and see which your canine prefers. Feed Me turkey could also be simpler for a canine with meals sensitivities to process. It’s hypoallergenic, high-quality protein supply made out of quality elements identical to you’d feed your canine in case you had the time to make your personal dog food. Feed Me beef is the preferred, best-selling pet food selection provided, and is most popular by most canine.

Raw freeze dried pet food is the perfect selection for pet mother and father who would not have the time or assets to make their own dog food but still need the healthiest choice for his or her dog.

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