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Sleekez vs Furminator – Complete Guide in 2019

You aspire to have your cake and eat it.

You need to have both a canine and a hair-free home

Consider it or not, tender furnishings felted with shed hair could be a factor of the past and there is a answer aside from getting rid of the canine.

The secret is….regular use of a deshedding software.

The primary kid on the block in the struggle towards shed hair was the FURminator, which took the canine grooming world by storm around ten years in the past.

But copies of the original product got here thick and quick.

The newest in a longline of wannabe merchandise is the SleekEZ.

At around half the worth and with spectacular claims by the manufacturer, are you shopping for into a discount or is there a catch?

To seek out out we undertook a deep analysis so that you simply don’t should of the SleekEZ vs FURminator.

Quick look: SleekEZ vs Furminator

The FURminator



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The SleekEZ


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Need to know the answer?We studied the idea behind the products, in contrast the actual products, and weighed up the opinions of pet mother and father who have used the FURminator and SleekEZ to see which comes out on prime.

Learn on!

What’s the Huge Concept?

Canine molt.

So what?

Should you can’t take the fluff, don’t get a canine (or at the least get a Mexican hairless.)

Nevertheless, many people value the companionship and loyalty of a dog, and yet are house-proud.

The result is that they spend giant quantities of time vacuuming and utilizing sticky rollers to maintain the house hair-free or a minimum of restrict the depth of the fluff balls.

Diligent pet mother and father groom their pet.

Certainly, this goes an extended approach to controlling the shed because the majority finally ends up on the comb moderately than the delicate furnishings.

Nevertheless, means back when, the makers of FURminator determined there needed to be a greater approach of dislodging the shed.

They got here up with a bespoke grooming device that has a blade which rakes via undercoat, quite than prime coat, taking unfastened hair with it.

Certainly, the results are impressive.

An excellent demonstration of the effectiveness of a deshedding software is to take a canine that has just been absolutely groomed.

You assume the canine is completed after which run a FURminator over their coat.

The result is a staggering amount of shed hair harvested on the tooth, which typical grooming instruments hadn’t touched.

And so the FURminator came into being.

When it was launched it induced a sensation and was adopted by many professional canine groomers.

Although the distinctive FURminator blades are patented, the thought on which it works is just not.

So many lookalike merchandise flooded the market.

Many of those are great tools, while for some they’re low cost imitations and the quality is poor.

These deshedding instruments typically look pretty just like a FURminator with a blade mounted on an angled deal with with an ergonomic design.

This is where the SleekEZ is totally different.

The SleekEZ has a special design of blade once more, and as an alternative of a contemporary wanting plastic handle it has a a lot earthier picket handle.

Some individuals swear by it, others are usually not so eager for quite a lot of reasons.

Both products have their deserves and disadvantages, which is why we decided to look into the differences between the FURminator vs SleekEZ and see which one we choose or if the variations have been a matter of splitting hairs.

Concerning the Furminator

The FURminator

The FURminator


 in inventory

2 new
from $31.99
Free delivery

as of 17 June 2019 3:29


  • Chrome steel deShedding edge reaches by means of topcoat to securely and simply remove unfastened hair and undercoat
  • FURejector button releases hair with ease. Skin Guard glides over pores and skin, prevents digging in at edges
  • Ergonomic deal with for consolation and straightforward use
  • Remove unfastened hair without damaging the coat or slicing the pores and skin when used as directed
  • deShedding device for giant (51-90 lbs) canine with brief hair

As FURminator advertising proclaims, the FURminator is for people who love their pets but don’t love the shedding.

Their software has been round for about ten years now and has a legion of devoted customers, which number skilled dog groomers amongst them.

The thought is to brush the pet repeatedly either a FURminator and remove the need to curler the cushions.

FURminator advocate a minimum of a weekly groom for short coated breeds, and extra steadily for longer coats or those vulnerable to shedding.

The FURminator consists of particular tooth that venture a short distance type a slicing blade.

Merely draw the top over the dog’s coat, however with out making use of strain.

This rakes by means of the undercoat however without damaging the top coat or chopping the pores and skin.

Then whenever you’re executed brushing, the comb has a button to press which retracts the top and makes for straightforward removing of the shed hair from the device.

FURminator comes in quite a lot of designs to suite differing types, species, coat varieties, and measurement.

For instance there are ten dog FURminators, which splits into 5 totally different sizes (from toy dog to large) duplicated for brief coat and longs coat.

Then there are FURminators for cats, small pets, and horses.

All in all on first inspection the choice is bewildering.

This can be a premium quality product and this is reflected in the worth.

While not the most cost effective deshedder available on the market, it does include a guarantee of high quality and wonderful customer support to help it is best to there be problems.

Concerning the SleekEZ

The SleekEZ

The SleekEZ


 in inventory

1 new
from $19.95
Free delivery

as of 17 June 2019 three:29


  • Shabby to Modern in Minutes. Expertise up to 95% Less Shedding in Just One Use.
  • Patented Design. Wave Sample Blade Gently Brushes Away Unfastened Fur, Dust and Dander with out Snagging.
  • Will Not Reduce or Injury the Hair. Works on All Coat Varieties, Apart from Pets with Long, Human-Like Hair.
  • Additionally Removes Pet Hair from Furniture, Automobiles, Carpeting, Blankets, Pet Bedding and More.
  • Made in the USA. Lifetime Alternative Warranty. Assured to Work or Your Cash Back.

The SleekEZ was developed by a horse dentist!

Yes, that’s proper.

Apparently the inventor disliked respiration in horse hair whilst she rasped their tooth and so invented a software to unravel the problem.

She gave prototypes to her equine shoppers to use to brush the horse throughout its dental procedure.

As well as getting rid of the dust, dander, and hair, the horses enjoyed the expertise and usually relaxed and have been calm whilst being brushed.

The SleekEZ consists of a picket handle with an extended blade embedded in it.

To make use of, merely draw the blade over the horse to remove the shed hair.

It worked so nicely on horses that it was a natural step to develop a canine and cat version.

SleekEZ is out there in just three sizes: for horses, canine, and cats.

Nevertheless, the smaller cat deshedder can also be helpful for working smaller areas of a horse or canine, such as the legs.

The SleekEZ is a no-fuss device.

You don’t want a unique mannequin for lengthy vs brief hair, or toy vs big canine.

In case you have a dog chose the canine SleekEZ – simple as that.

The SleekEZ vs FURminator Dog Deshedder

First we put our cash where our mouth is and take a look at value.

Worth level

Approach back when FURminators have been new available on the market they have been costly, indeed too costly for most pet mother and father.

Nevertheless, occasions change and the worth has dropped – drastically.

In response to SleekEZ own web site their deshedder is “Better than the FURminator but for half the cost.”

Nevertheless, the worth of the FURminator has come down so that is not the case.

Certainly, the worth differential between a mean sized FURminator and the canine SleekEZ is minimal – a number of dollars no more.

Thus, in case your sole purpose for selecting a SleekEZ is to economize, you then danger feel cheated in case you had your heart set on a FURminator.

Sizing the Deshedder

One of many promoting factors of the SleekEZ is that it’s cheaper than a FURminator however does the same job.

Properly maintain on a doggone minute.

Sure, SleekEZ is cheaper, however solely by a couple of dollars.

Certainly, a small dog FURminator can come in at less than the one-size matches all SleekEZ.

Which raises a very good point.

If your pet household is the equivalent of a zoo with canine of all shapes, sizes, and coat varieties, then a single SleekEZ lets you deshed all of them.

One software per pack of canine can’t be dangerous.

On the opposite paw, with FURminator you might want one for the toy Chihuahua, the subsequent measurement up in your Border collie, and one other measurement once more on your St Bernard.

Now imagine you have got short-coated and long-coated breeds and you begin to see the scope for spending out huge just to get the appropriate tools for the job with FURminator.

Briefly, if in case you have one canine, great you want one software and for an extra couple of dollars then a FURminator is a furbulous selection.

Nevertheless, if in case you have a correct pack of animals of differing sizes and coat lengths, then the SleekEZ is your one shop answer.

Design Durability

The FURminator is comprised of trendy supplies including durable plastic and chrome steel.

It additionally has a quick-release button to make it simpler to release the trapped shed hair from the tooth of the software.

The SleekEZ is comprised of unvarnished wooden with a metallic blade (which seems to be quite a bit like a hacksaw blade) glued into the deal with.

While users find this can be a snug to hold in the hand, additionally they discovered it marked easily and have been involved about what would occur if the deal with acquired wet.

Additionally when the blade turns into uninteresting, it’s a matter of ditching the whole software and shopping for a brand new one.

SleekEZ vs FURminator

In the battle of the deshedders let’s take a look at what pet mother and father say.

But first, let’s be clear, both these instruments are for deshedding.

That is the method whereby shed hair is dragged out of the coat and harvested onto the software, slightly than shed to blow round the home and persist with furniture.

Neither the SleekEZ nor the FURminator are detangling instruments, nor are they appropriate for silky haired, low shedding breeds such as the Yorkshire terrier or Shih Tzu.

For these coat varieties you need a comb and conventional brush in order to maintain their coats in good order.

The Grooming Experience

Each deshedders seem to be nice for the canine when used appropriately.

Since each tools have metallic tooth, it’s crucial to softly draw them over the surface of the dog’s coat, moderately than to use strain.

Being heavy handed might trigger the tooth to dig into the skin which is clearly uncomfortable.

Certainly, SleekEZ followers embrace rabbit house owners, whose pets are arguably probably the most sensitive skinned of all.

One consumer describes the quantity of hair she received out of her rabbit’s coat as “Insane”, which properly sums up the constructive experiences of many people.

Likewise, for the FURminator there are canine house owners who pets hated being groomed, but the discovery of the FURminator has turned this around.

Many now sit up for be being ‘brushed’ and go right into a state of ecstasy during grooming.

However as is the character of things, evaluations are combined.

Whilst the bulk loves each tools, there are those who hated them.

It appears brushing method is a vital a part of how properly or poorly you get on with both of these deshedders.

Which do you have to purchase?

Both products do an identical job and scale back shedding when used frequently.

Each merchandise have to be used in the right method otherwise you danger scratching the canine and making their skin sore.

Both products have epic critiques and in distinction, critiques from pet mother and father who have been underwhelmed.

How to choose?

The most important distinction we will see is that SleekEZ is one-size-fits-all, whereas FURminator have a unique measurement brush for different breeds and brief vs lengthy coats.

Thus, a pet mum or dad with a large pack of canine can make a saving by buying the SleekEZ and figuring out it’ll do the job.

Nevertheless, the pet father or mother with several canine of the same measurement or coat sort, for a number of dollars more might favor to take a position in the original product that began all the excitement in the primary place.

In any case, imitation is the sincerest type of flattery but should you can personal an unique then what’s not to like!

The Assessment

SleekEZ vs. FURminator

Evaluate Breakdown

  • The FURminator

  • The SleekEZ